Standard package includes a machine, gas and meat. In addition we provide artisan bread rolls and sauces. The meat will be cooked, carved and served by two chefs, using paper plates, napkins and compostable cutlery. This all takes place within a gazebo.

Cost £750.00 for a pig approximately 50kg – 55kg which will serve 70 – 100 people or £850.00 for a pig approximately 60kg – 65kg which will serve 100 – 150 people.

Salads and side dishes can be supplied on request for an additional £1.50 per head.

Lamb prices will be provided on request.

Vegetarian options are available. Please contact us for information.

We also provide a rotisserie service, cooking 24 chickens at the same time for £500.00 including rolls etc.

A deposit of £100.00 will secure your chosen date. This amount, less a 25% admin charge, will be refunded should you need to cancel two months or more before the date booked. We regret that we are unable to issue a refund for cancellations with less than two months notice.

*Prices apply to bookings made on or after 20/07/2020.



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